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The support page for Stamps contains the latest user guide, sample import CSV to try and my New Zealand stamp collection, advisory note on data model changes, a demo to try and uninstall instructions.

Links to archives of older user guides and an app change log can be found at the bottom of the page.


The following resources are available for the current version 1.12 of Stamps, which includes the ability to sort by catalog ID and a new Gallery report;

If you are having any issues (e.g. preparing or importing your CSV file) or you have a suggestion, please contact us with your comments.

Advisory Notes

Please note; Stamps does not currently synchronise data with Stamps2Go (no longer available for sale).

The data model had been updated in the prior version 1.7 to incorporate vendor, certificate number and the images of a purchase invoice and certificate of authenticity for each stamp. Data files saved prior to version 1.7 will be automatically converted when opened.


The following are minor issues identified or ideas shared from our customers to be considered for inclusion in a future version of Stamps;

  • Minor bug that the order of stamps when imported is not sorted in same order as the CSV file,
  • Add an estimated date of purchase checkbox when date is approximate or allow a blank date when it is unknown,
  • Add a duplicate checkbox (next to quantity purchased) to mark whether the stamp is a duplicate of a high value stamp (as opposed to common stamps using quantity greater than 1),
  • Add an estimated checkbox (next to purchased cost) to indicate the cost is estimated,
  • Ability to mark a stamp as a “wishlist” as well as a hyperlink to a valuation site,
  • Add the ability to record the location to show where a stamp is stored (e.g. stock pages, glassine envelopes, loose pages or albums),
  • Ability to add links to stamp images in a CSV file, and
  • Sharing of data from Mac to future iOS Stamps app.

Demo to Try

A demonstration version of Stamps is available for an older version. Please place theStamps Demo app in your Applications folder.

You may need to unzip this file before moving the Stamps app to your Application folder. This demonstration version is limited to adding and/or importing from a CSV a total of 50 stamps. There are no time limits and no nag screens requesting you to purchase the paid app. A demo user guide is available from the Help menu.


To uninstall or remove Stamps from your computer;

  • If Stamps is currently running, please quit the application,
  • Delete the Stamps application file (usually located in your Applications folder) by dragging it to Trash, and
  • Optionally, delete the folder from within your container folder, which is located in your home Library folder (~/Library/Container/, where the ~ tilde symbol is your home folder).

We welcome relevant and respectful comments, please read our comments policy before adding comments below.

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