The Coins app icon and feature graphic of the Australian one cent piece is a representation of a feather tailed glider designed and sculpted by Stuart Devlin and permission was kindly granted by the Royal Australian Mint for the use of their coin design (approval number 9/45/312). Lastly, a special thanks to Paolo Policchi for his ideas, knowledge and assistance in the development of this app for medal collectors.

We would like to thank the graphic design work, which were used for app icons and a site logo under CC0, of the following designers;

We would also like to thank the graphic design work, which were used as a side graphic to welcome readers to our posts under CC0, of the following designers;

The email graphic on the Contact page was entitled “Email Icon – White on Black” by rygle from, modified by replacing black for green colour used under CC0,

The header image for this website is an untitled photo with a filename of wood-3219267.jpg (bottom cropped) by rawpixel from used under CC0. The cropping was performed to focus on the laptop and plate of cookies.

We would also like to thank and acknowledge the numerous programmers on Stack Overflow for their posts and comments that helped in resolving or adding additional features to our apps. A special call-out to Ole Begemann for the knowledge and wisdom that he shares.